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Most of us use non-oil heating devices without knowing the Harmful Effects of Room Heaters. Their prolonged use can do more harm than benefit.

5 Harmful Effects of Room Heaters

Sugandha, a young mother had to rush her five-month-old child to the doctor after rashes on the baby’s face intensified. The doctor blamed it on prolonged exposure to the room heater, which the mother kept in front of the baby while she slept.  Mr Krishan Kumar, a diabetic, experienced difficulty in breathing and had to be rushed to the emergency room. On examination, it was concluded that he was not getting enough oxygen due to spending too much time in a closed room with a room heater placed.

In the severity of the winter, we all use some type of room heater because of the amenity provided by them. But we usually ignore the harmful effects they can have if we use them for long hours. Except for the oil-based heaters, all other types are harmful and hazardous in many ways.  So, just easily as we use them, we should also become aware of what these harmful effects are.  Here are some of the disadvantages of using room heaters:

  • Burn oxygen and reduce humidity: Non-oil room heaters burn oxygen and even lower the humidity levels in the air. This is true for both fan-based convection room heaters and halogen room heaters. Burning of oxygen leads to a potential drop in oxygen levels, gives breathing issues and may even cause suffocation. So, never use non-oil heaters in closed rooms.
  • Release carbon monoxide: Non-oil heating devices release carbon monoxide which is poisonous in nature. It can cause breathing issues, nose bleeding and other toxic effects too. That is why it is advised not to keep them on continuously for long hours.
  • May cause accidental burn injuries: The heaters that are enclosed in a non-metallic case can heat the outer surface when used for a long period of time. If we touch it accidentally, it can even lead to burns that are very severe, especially for older people and infants. Also, avoid keeping your spectacles or contact lenses near the heater as this could change their molecular composition and result in corneal tissue damage as well. If you have a toddler in the house, you have to be extremely cautious. Also, most people sleep dangerously close to room heaters or blowers. It is not recommended. Heaters should be kept at a safe distance. 
  • Harm your skin and hair. According to research, a decrease in the moisture levels of the air in the space where the heaters are being used is one of the main harmful effects of room heaters. The first thing dryness affects is your skin and hair. It can cause burning, redness and rashes on the skin, and scalp and cause hair fall. Babies, especially, have very tender and sensitive skin. So extra care should be taken when you have an infant in the house.
  • Can lead to fire accidents: Accidents do not always happen due to our carelessness. We may have children or senior citizens in the house whom we cannot expect to be as careful. Room heaters can lead to potential fire accidents. Ask the fire department and they will tell you that in winter, maximum fire accidents happen because of room heaters. Do not leave them unattended. Make sure that you do not cover the outlet or face of the room heater. It will catch fire instantly. Also, do not put any polyester clothes near the room heater.

Be Aware of the Harmful Effects of Room Heaters

Well, to beat the chill, rod or convection-type room heaters are an easy, inexpensive and convenient way to keep yourself warm. What we don’t realize is that their prolonged use can do more harm than benefit. 

They are not a very healthy way of living during the winter season. So, if we know the harmful effects of room heaters, we would definitely use them sparingly and with caution.

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