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The Process of Manifestation- Creating Your Reality

Spirituality guides you on how to mould your life the way you want to, to achieve what you desire and to create your reality all by yourself. Sounds impossible? It is not. Let us learn how to empower our minds, shape our thoughts and start the process of manifestation of our goals in life. To lead a life of peace, joy and abundance. Attract all the benevolent elements of the universe and create our own reality.

Since our birth, we have been conditioned to believe that whatever happens in our lives is either due to circumstances, destiny or the universe ( or God), which determines our joys and sorrows.

That, we are victims of a certain outside force or energy which decides our joy and sorrows.

This is far from the truth. The Universe is the most benign, loving, graceful and understanding system.

The process of manifestation, so powerful yet intricate, involves aligning our thoughts, emotions & actions towards our desired goals.

It loves you and simply grants whatever you deeply desire. We have got to be focussed on what we do or do not desire.

Our reality is 100% designed by us through our thoughts based on our belief systems.

Thoughts are things.

Thoughts are energy.

Thoughts CREATE.

It is no outside force or destiny that determines the course of our life. Our thoughts sprinkled with emotions manifest as Reality.

So, how do we use this power of thoughts to manifest things in our life? The process of manifestation may sound easy but there is has more to it than just willpower and positive thoughts. We have to be in awareness all the time and consciously divert the train of thought. There are two aspects of it- the type of thoughts and the focus. Let us see how to achieve it.

How to start the process of manifestation- Step by Step

We are unconsciously thinking zillions of thoughts every moment and undergoing a lot of emotions, unaware of their direction – All The Time! Apparently, we do not have control over the kind or number of thoughts we think or the emotions we feel. We keep hopping from one thought to another and it makes an endless chain. At the same time, we are undergoing emotions. These emotions are of two kinds: Of love (positive), and ‘of fear'(negative).

Change your energy signature!

Thus, without realizing it, we create an energy bubble around us with a certain frequency(positive or negative). This energy, when enforced again and again, starts manifesting. Through every thought and emotion, we are manifesting things in our life.

The process of manifestation, so powerful yet intricate, involves aligning thoughts, emotions & actions towards the desired goals to create reality.

If, within our energy bubble, a more significant number of emotions are based on “Love”, it attracts love/positive energy from all around. It multiplies and manifests beauty and joy in our life. On the other hand, if a majority of our emotions are negative, or based on ‘fear’, they manifest negativity like wildfire.

Step 1- Condition your mind

✅Firstly, sprinkle all your thoughts with the emotion of love and compassion. All your thoughts should be based on love. Consciously, with awareness, you have to condition your mind for love-based thoughts. For example, if a person is not behaving well with you or showing you a vengeful side to you, send loving thoughts towards him or her. It is her/his journey, and we are just a part of it. That let him/her be. Have compassion for whatever and however they are making their way in this world. (remember, they are not like that way with everyone which means they have a compassionate side too. Only they are not showing it to you!). Meditate regularly. We have a detailed post on how to meditate and its benefits.

Step 2 – Be in control

To prepare your mind you need to be in control. Remember, you are not the mind. You are an entity that has a mind. You need to sharpen your mind and make it focused and powerful. To become the master of life you need to control the mind and silence it most of the time.

Lesser the thoughts in the mind, the more powerful our mind becomes. To become the Master of your life, you need to keep the mind in check and quieten it. This can be achieved with regular meditation. Once you do that, you can manifest your desired reality by having faith in the goodness of the Universe.

The step by step process of manifestation, so powerful yet intricate, involves aligning our thoughts, emotions & actions towards our desired goals.

Step 3- Have a positive attitude

Consistently and intentionally nurture a positive mental attitude. Be cheerful and loving. Believe that whatever happens, it is in your best interest. Remember, the process of manifestation is not about controlling every detail of our journey, but about harmonizing with the universe and allowing our intentions to unfold in the most beautiful and fulfilling ways.

Step 4 – Sharpen your focus on your goal

Through Meditation, one can focus our energy on anything we want, without wavering. It is the one-pointed focus that becomes real, that manifests. Be passionate about what you want to do. Write it on a piece of paper or a diary everyday. Fix your goals and intentions and feed them with positive and loving emotions.

Step 5 – Start working on your goals

Once your focus is set on your intentions, start working towards your goals. Just be desiring strongly or writing it, manifestation is not complete. You have got to back it up with actions. Do not sit idle. Do your karma. As The Bhagwad Gita says,

नियतं कुरु कर्म त्वं कर्म ज्यायो ह्यकर्मण: |
शरीरयात्रापि च ते न प्रसिद्ध्येदकर्मण: || (chapter 3, verse 8)

Translated, it means that ‘You should always keep performing your prescribed duties since action is superior to inaction. By ceasing activity, even your bodily maintenance is not possible. As we have also discussed it in our study of Yamas and Niyamas in ashtang yoga, all observances have to be done mansa(from the heart/thoughts), Vacha(with words), and karmana(with actions).

Summing it up

In conclusion, the process of manifestation is a powerful and intricate journey that involves aligning our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and actions towards achieving our desired goals. It begins with a clear and specific intention, followed by unwavering belief in the possibility of its realization. Visualization and positive affirmations help cultivate a positive mindset, while maintaining consistent focus and determination are essential for overcoming obstacles along the way.

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