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Say No ❌ To Wrong Products: How to Choose the Right Shampoo for Your Hair

Hair & Beauty Expert in Toronto- Taniya puri
by Taniya Puri 
Hair, Skin,& Makeup Expert,
The Makeover Place, Toronto

Buying the right shampoo can be a confusing endeavour.
Hydrating, strengthening, smoothing, Color-safe, thickening. The ingredients too are written in ultra fine print. And how does one match the terminology on the label with the hair on our head? 🤔
Believe me, many are scratching their heads right there with you.
If you too are stuck in the continual thoughts of, ”what shampoo should I use?”, WE ARE HERE FOR YOUR ASSISTANCE.

Does it matter which shampoo I use?

Yes, absolutely. Things like hairfall, greying or thinning just happen, one feels.

You don’t know what hit your hair!

What you do not realise is that 90% of these problems are caused by using harmful products. You will be shocked to know the type of chemicals these sweet-smelling liquid scalp cleansers can contain. You just hear a name, see an ad or read some fancy words on the label and there you go, right?  

Wrong. As a certified hair and skin expert in the beauty field for quite a few years, I can tell you that buying a scalp cleanser from a supermarket or a drugstore is just not the right option. Only buy professional shampoos.

Ingredient Alert: All about off-the-shelf products

Protect your hair by choosing a shampoo without harmful ingredients like wax, resins or plastics
Protect hair health & quality with chemical free shampoo

Choosing the right shampoo involves being aware of its ingredients. I don’t want to say, but I bet you do not know what ingredients go into it. Supermarket products are loaded with chemicals like resins, plastics, wax and silicones that are by-products of petroleum filtration. These formulas make a coating on the hair shaft and give an amazing shine and volume to your strands. However, it is all synthetic. And what is worse, these ingredients build upon the hair over time to make them lifeless, dull, frizzy and weak. Not only that, but these same ingredients also constitute a part of styling products such as oils and serums- the ‘so-called’ natural ones. How do they manage to sell them? Simple, on the presence of one good ingredient( let’s say aloe vera), which only has a .05% presence! And they smartly omit to mention the other main ones. Enough to impress you!

Which shampoo is best for your hair

Puerology shampoo- choosing the best shampoo
Make Professional haircare products a personal choice

You can choose the right chemical-free shampoo from the professional hair care products that salons stock directly from the manufacturing companies. You can also buy them directly from the companies that manufacture them. The benefit of buying from the salon is that their hair experts can advise you correctly according to your hair type, colour treatment, and damage control if any. I would not suggest buying from an e-commerce site as sometimes vendors send fake products. At Makeover Place, Downtown Toronto, we carry the professional line of haircare by L’Oréal professional and Pureology shampoo-conditioner which our clients love to use with beautiful results. The other good professional brands that you can use are by Schwarzkopf, Matrix, Kevin Murphy, Gold Well, Kms, Paul Mitchell, Moroccan Oil, Kerastase, & Olaplex.

Let us compare these professional products with the ones from off-the-shelf.

Choosing the right shampoo – Salon Vs Store

SALON Shampoo: Highly concentrated formula with high-grade ingredients, vitamins & oils that are better absorbed and too expensive to be in drugstore products. Fewer fillers mean less residue that can harm your hair colour and turn it waxy over time. Since it is so much concentrated, you need to use a lot less of it, which essentially means you waste less product in the long run.

STORE Shampoo: Their only benefit is that they make your head smell good, which professional products also do. So in the end, they’re not worth it in terms of vitality or financially.

SALON Shampoo: Doesn’t contain harmful attributes like salts, parabens and sulfate that make instant lather, and produce a lot of bubbles. With so much lather, you don’t really know if it has cleaned the hair or not.

STORE Shampoo: They contain chemicals, which can strip your scalp of its natural oils, essentially drying it out. Are diluted with fillers adding buildup in the hair giving them a cosmetic look and feel. These tend to make your strands feel super soft but leave behind a waxy build-up. This means the strands are only feeling soft but aren’t actually hydrated from within. Because of this, hair dries out substantially in the long run.

Be Hairful 😉

Chemicals and damaging ingredients can make your hair go very bad, which may take a long long time to recover and may even cause irreversible damage. Choose the right professional haircare shampoo, keeping in mind the points I have given above. I hope the information I gave was useful for you.

Important tips on beauty or skincare in my next post soon! Meanwhile, anything you want me to write about, or a query, do comment below! 

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