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10 Home remedies for Sleeping Well: Cure Insomnia naturally!

Tired of counting sheep? Or staring at the phone screen? You are not alone. Many people have insomnia or difficulty falling asleep. Sleep should be deep, uninterrupted, and adequate. If you cannot sleep well qualitatively and quantitatively, it will affect you mentally and physically & also impact your performance at work. It is important to remedy these erratic patterns because it makes you prone to diseases. I have brought you 10 home remedies for sleeping that involve small changes in your lifestyle, wherever applicable.

There may be any number of reasons why you cannot fall asleep at a decent time at night. On one hand, it could be due to health issues. On the other hand, insomnia itself could be causing physical & mental issues. Whatever your reasons may be, apply a few or all of the following remedies, and you will be sleeping like a baby every night!

Believe me, these tips really work!  

Home Remedies for Sleeping Well: Bye-bye insomnia

People have diverse issues. As a friend shared “So many things are happening on digtal platforms that we dont seem to have a choice but to hog them at night”. Well, apparently we do. Siphon off your attention on doing others things like interacting with family, listening to soothing music or reading a book. By not sleeping on time and enough, you are hugely compromising your physical & mental health. Simply incorporate tiny lifestyle changes.

Sleep declutters & reboots your brain.

So whenever you are confused, ‘Sleep over it’.

Avoid caffeine, alcohol & smoking 4 hours before bedtime

We all know coffee keeps us awake, but so do alcohol and smoking. They pass quickly into the bloodstream and release a lot of energy that we are not able to consume. We feel anxious and too disturbed to sleep. Don’t take them after dark.

Eat early for insomnia

Certain foods & drinks contain a good amount of specific antioxidants or nutrients, such as magnesium and melatonin. They induce sleep and make it deep as well. To enjoy the benefits of sleep-enhancing foods/drinks, it is advised to consume them 2-3 hours before bed.

Go for a walk in the evening

walking in evening is a remedy for slleep problems

Walking exercises you, tires you, and also relaxes you. People who do only mental work tire only the mind ( rather over-work it), finding it difficult to relax. Walking has tremendous benefits- it calms and declutters the mind. Nature walking is one of the best home remedies for sleeping well.


meditation- home remedies for sleeping well.

Meditation has diverse health benefits that combined with a healthy lifestyle, promote good sleep. It is not a way of inducing sleep per se, although it naturally remedies sleep problems. Regular meditation reduces stress, improves focus and boosts immunity.

You can join a meditation group such as Temple of Inner Wisdom that conducts guided Breath & Atma Jyoti meditation sessions online & in your city. Or, you can do it on your own.  It includes sitting with eyes closed, observing your breath & yourself. I have explained the method here. 

Adopt Yoga in any form

Yoga relaxes and de-stresses to improve sleep quality
Yoga relaxes and de-stresses to improve sleep quality

Hath Yoga( asanas & pranayama) has a benevolent effect on the mind and body, elevating the sleep quality. Only do the poses that feel right for you. Yoga also alleviates stress, improves physical functioning, and boosts mental focus. Also, try doing some postures before bedtime to help you relax and unwind.

Massage your feet yourself  

Wash your feet. Then massage your soles with your palms and fingers for ten minutes. This presses acupressure points on your hands as well as feet. One of the best home remedies for sleeping well.

Put an alarm for sleeping

sleep alarm is a remedy for insomnia

The sleep alarm works just like the one for waking up. It fixes a time – psychologically too.  When it buzzes, there’s your cue to go to your bed. Over time, it will program your mind that it is sleep time.

Stay away from screens after dinner

The blue light emitted from mobile, TV or laptop switches off the production of melatonin – your natural sleep hormone. Siphon off your attention to reading a storybook, writing a diary, or planning the next day. When the next day is sorted, you feel very calm, don’t you? 

Om Chanting induces Deep sleep

Om chanting is a remedy for insomnia
Om chanting is a remedy for insomnia

Studies have shown that Om (AUM) chanting produces positive effects on people who practice it. It improves erratic and inadequate sleep patterns to sufficient & quickly induced sleep. The vibration of the Om sound settles the breath, reduces stress, relaxes the body & also nurtures the soul.

Don’t do intense workouts in the evening

If you exercise in the evening, keep it light- no heavy weights or high intensity. it will keep you awake. Do them in the morning.

Nighty night!

Never ignore your sleep patterns. If you keep waking up in the middle of the night, or your slumber is not deep enough, or generally you have insomnia, do not just start popping pills. Go to the root of the problem. See the points above and find out why your mind cannot relax enough to make you fall asleep at night. And remedy it immediately. A person who sleeps well is a healthy person.

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