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Avoid foods & drinks that increase stress

These Foods And Drinks Might Increase Your Stress!

We all experience various moments of anxiety & stress during our lives. Often, we try to find refuge in our favourite foods and drinks, don’t we? However, these so-called “peppy” foods that instantly cheer us up can actually increase our stress and tension levels! While many of us are aware of triggers that cause stress, we underestimate the role of different foods that aggravate the existing problem. According to expert nutritionists, specific foods and drinks increase your stress, hike the blood sugar levels and trigger a whirlpool of intense emotion that leads to anxiety.

Having stated that, here are 5 foods and drinks that increase your stress and you should stay away from. They are going to make you more stressed if you already are! 

Cakes & Cookies

When we are stressed we go for anytime foods or snacks. Cakes and cookies are handy and look harmless, but they are sweet. Anxiety is directly related to blood sugar levels. Foods with high sugar content raise the levels of anxiety and stress in people.  Avoid cakes, cookies, pastries & canned juices, etc, and switch to fresh fruits instead.

Personally, I find fresh and juicy fruits like mango, watermelon, and lichi very peppy! And it takes care of fiber consumption as well. 😌

Caffeinated Drinks Increase Stress

foods and drinks that increase stress
Coffee- caffeinated drinks add to your stress

Studies have shown that those who consume drinks containing caffeine, such as coffee, feel more disturbed and anxious. Scientifically speaking, caffeine activates adenosine receptors in the nervous system, which boosts your anxiety levels. You can substitute your coffee cup with matcha, green tea, chai, Apple cider vinegar mixed with water, turmeric milk, or hot cocoa. Chicory is a great alternative for coffee and feels great in the morning too.

Processed Foods

Processed foods increase stress
Processed foods like Hamburgers increase stress

What are processed foods? Food processing is a way of altering fresh foods into food products. It can involve chopping, pasteurizing, freezing, fermenting, cooking, adding preservatives, and various other commercial methods. These foods invariably disturb the gut, cause indigestion as well as inflammation. When the digestive system is disturbed, it hampers the healthy functioning of the body. Avoid readymade meals, tinned vegetables & fruits, bottled sauces, burgers, noodles, pasta, salamis/nuggets, frozen items & refined foods. When you are stressed, supplement your meals with fresh items, preferably cooked at home from scratch. ( Cooking is a great stress buster too!)

Sugary Beverages

Sugary drinks
Sweetened drinks increase blood sugar level leading to more anxiety

Similar to the effect of sweetened foods, sugared drinks can also spike up your blood sugar levels, consequently causing anxiety. Count cola, fizzy drinks, and smoothies without proteins (like curd) in them. Most fruit juices also have added sugar and not enough fiber in them. Such a diet frequently leads to indigestion and the risk of diabetes. Healthier options are buttermilk, lime water, freshly squeezed juice, or coconut water ( also an immunity booster).


foods and drinks that add to stress
Alcoholic drinks only cheer you up momentarily

Most of us believe that alcoholic beverages help us calm our nerves, whereas it is totally opposite in reality. Alcohol has an antagonistic effect on blood sugar levels and can also result in insomnia for many. Besides, it causes dehydration and hangovers, heightening your stress and playing on your nerves. If you think that a drink of wine, beer or vodka can help you de-stress, think again.

Mainly its the processing, added sugar, alcohol and caffeine in foods and drinks that increase your stress. When you are stressed, take fesh and minimally cooked items in your diet.


It is very important to eat right when you are having stressful days at work or at home. Do not undermine the value of diet & lifestyle habits.

If you practice meditation even for a short while every day, you will never have jittery nerves or anxiety. How to meditate on your breath is explained here. Certain Yog Asanas also work miraculously.

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    Jake Austins

    Very Helpful. Thanks Meenu

    1. I’m glad Jake. I strive to bring simple solutions to complicated problems. Thanks for inspiring me!

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