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alkaline diet plan

The Alkaline Diet Plan-a Boon For Health

What are alkalinity and the alkaline diet plan?? Recently while talking to a friend, she told me about how she needed to pop an antacid tablet every day, as she suffers from acidity. And she has been doing it every morning for years. It left me thinking. Is popping pills the right solution to curb hyperacidity? Are antacids safe to be consumed over long periods?  I really do not know what kind of action these medicines have, but obviously, they are not natural. They eventually make our digestive system weak and cause harmful side effects.

There has to be a better solution.

If you have Acid reflux, hyperacidity, or gas, whatever you may call it, inappropriate eating habits and lifestyle are the root cause. Switch to an alkaline diet to easily get rid of gut issues. 

By switching to a plant-based alkaline diet, one can not only overcome it but reap many more benefits for overall health.

alkaline diet plan
Healthy plant-based alkaline diet

The Alkaline plant-based Diet- Should we worry about the pH of our food?

Yes! We should be aware of which food is acidic and which is basic( alkaline). All we have to do is maintain a balance between the two in our meals. Well, we all studied chemistry in school, but who would have thought we would have to apply it to our eating patterns? 😀Lol, it gives me jitters thinking about studying chemistry again!! 🥹 Thankfully, things are pretty simple to understand. 

What is pH? 

The pH is the property of a substance or food item that determines its acidity or alkalinity. The pH varies from 0 to 14. Foods with ph values from 0 to 7 are acidic,  while those with values from 7 to 14 on the ph scale are called alkaline(basic). Living beings depend on appropriate pH levels inside and around their cells.  The pH of 7 is neutral, like that of water- neither acidic nor alkaline. 

“  Foods with pH values from 0 to 7 are acidic, while those with values from 7 to 14 are called alkaline (basic) ”

Here is a list of acidic and alkaline foods as an example:-

Deep-fried items(pakora, poori, french fries)Citrus fruits
Processed meatsTofu and soybean
Pastries, cake, breadAlmonds and seeds
Sugary beveragesFresh fruits & vegetables
Caffeinated drinks- coffee, teaWhole grains
Common Acidic and Alkaline Foods

 The stomach secretes Hydrochloric Acid, a digestive juice that breaks down food particles into their smallest form to aid digestion. When there is an excessive amount of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, the condition is known as Hyperacidity.

But remember, the presence of acid is important for digesting food. So, there should be acid but the ph should be controlled. 

What does the acidic diet do?

Almost every health issue is connected to the gut. 90% of these arise from improper care of the stomach which is mainly “acidity”. Almost every household has at least one patient of acidity! Examples of acidic foods are items cooked in overheated oil such as pakoras, fritters, pooris or any deep-fried snacks,  processed meats, refined carbohydrates(bread, pastries), and sugary beverages and caffeinated drinks such as coffee or tea.

Acidity causes

  •  Upset stomach
  •  Headaches
  •  Weakness/fatigue
  • Joint pains 
  • Inflammation
  • Aching muscles  
  • lactic acid build-up
  • Cancer
  •  Free radical damage

… and much more

The enormous benefits of an alkaline diet plan

Why should the diet be alkaline? Different organs need different levels of acidity/alkalinity. The stomach has an acidic environment as digestive acids are present there to digest food. But if our diet is also acidic in nature, then the environment in the stomach becomes too acidic, causing problems such as hyperacidity. The benefits of following the alkaline diet plan for hyper acidic people are:

Cancer prevention: Studies have shown that cancer cells grow more rapidly in an acidic medium and an alkaline diet plan can prevent cancer, although more research is required.

Preserve bone density & muscle mass– when there is acidity in the body, the body counters it by drawing minerals from bones and muscles. Alkaline food protects the musculoskeletal system, thus lowering the risk of chronic pain & inflammation.

 Elimination of junk food- There has been enough research to show the tremendous benefits of an alkaline diet. It is because it includes whole and nutrient-packed foods derived from plants, and eliminates junk food. 

Disease prevention– The plant-based alkaline diet is instrumental in maintaining overall health and in disease prevention

Weight loss– It helps you cut down on refined foods, sugar & processed meats, helping in weight management. 

Lower risk of acidity/ reflux– Alkaline foods, therefore, help in countering the risks of acidity and acid refluxes, bringing much relief.

Balanced meals– Alkaline foods are important to bring about balance. According to experts, we should have a balanced meal with a good mix of everything, rather than restricting ourselves to having only a certain category of foods. 

Tip: Drinking water slowly sip by sip makes it alkaline by mixing it well with the saliva

Tips to Alkalize the gut

Now that you know the benefits of having your gut inclined towards alkalinity, let us learn simple ways to do it. Following are some of the basic constituents of an alkaline diet plan.

Alkaline your water

The easiest way to accomplish alkalinity is by drinking alkaline water- water with a ph above 7. You can:-

  • Install an alkaline water purifier- one that produces alkaline water
  • Drink water from a copper or clay pot- earthen pitcher, bottle, or, ghara
  • Start the day with a water and lemon juice mixture
  • Consume coconut water every day

Tofu and Soybean

Soybeans and their products such as soya milk, tofu, soy nuggets, or beans are a wonderful source of plant-based protein. They are also high in ph- promoting alkalinity.

n alkaline diet plan helps in weight management, prevents acidity, cancer & musculoskeletal problems, cures headaches & free radical damage
n alkaline diet plan helps in weight management, prevents acidity, cancer & musculoskeletal problems, cures headaches & free radical damage

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Consume adequate fruits and vegetables daily. 3 servings of peaches or fruits and vegetables are good enough to maintain an alkaline gut.

  1. Nuts and seeds

Nuts and Seeds

Soak a handful of nuts and seeds overnight and consume them every day. Use sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, figs, almonds, etc.

Citrus Fruits

Contrary to the belief that citrus fruits are acidic, surprisingly they are not! They might be acidic themselves but they have an alkalizing effect inside our body. Lemons, sweet limes, and oranges not only give respite from heartburn but also contain a lot of vitamin c which is antioxidant & detoxifying.

To Summarise

Any diet that you follow should aim for a balance of nutrients by including proteins, grains, fruits, vegetables, vitamins, and minerals. The alkaline diet does not change the body’s pH level- it is carefully controlled. However, switching to such a diet is promoting healthy eating, especially for curing acid reflux. The core principle is simple: eat more alkaline foods and as few acidic foods as possible. It basically converts to a primarily vegetarian or plant-based diet. Include plenty of fresh fruits, and vegetables, as well as tofu, nuts, seeds, & legumes to boost protein intake. Proteins are very important for overall health and weight management.

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