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Why should we fast during Navratri- benefits of navratri fasting

benefits of navratri fasting

Fasting is the highest form of purifying the body and mind. It is entirely scientific. Just think, what do you do when you are on a holiday? You clean, declutter and generally organize your life. Similarly, your body also needs breaks. It is all the time busy with the food that we keep putting into it. It barely gets time to declutter and remove unwanted toxins. The benefits of Navratri fasting begin when you give your digestive system a rest and it starts to throw out all the impurities and dirt. Our elementary canal system is capable of doing a lot of things, but we do not compel its full use. 

So we should keep fasting from time to time.

You are not what you eat, but you are what you digest

Navratri is a good time to not only fast but also to switch to sattvic eating habits. Sattva in foods has immense prana or life force in them. Navratri falls four times during a year, when seasons change:

 Chaitra (Spring) 

Ashadha (Monsoons) 

Ashwin (Autumn)

 Magha (winters) 

Chaitra and Ashwin are more popularly celebrated. Ashwin festival in 2021 is starting on 7th October.

This nine-day long festival is devoted to Goddess Durga, the symbol of Shakti -feminine power.

It is also the onset of a new season, and hence, a fasting makes the body adaptable, as we opt for a diet devoid of strong spices, onion, garlic, wheat, rice and meat etc.) It also safeguards you from illnesses that happen due to changing weather.

The science of fasting

Usually, most people do not wait to feel hungry for the next meal. Hunger is the body’s way of telling us that it is ready to digest more food. Eating without hunger weakens the digestive system, leads to stress and diminished immunity. On the other hand, fasting rekindles the digestive fire, and also burns the toxins. Flushing of toxins takes care of stress, dullness & lethargy, rejuvenating each cell of your body. The mind also becomes more calm & peaceful because of it’s inherent connection with the body.

The Tremendous Benefits of Navratri Fasting

benefits of navratri fasting
Benefits of Navratri fasting

Cash in these 9 days to relax, turn inwards & recharge yourself with new energy. Fasting makes the inner journey blissful and easier. It reduces the unrest of the mind and brings forth awareness and contentment.

The best part is that you realise that there are many many interesting ingredients to prepare food while we keep fixating on wheat and rice all the time. There are millets, seeds, fruit flours and bountiful drinks.

To find out about which ingredients are permissible in Navratri vrat, refer to this post.

Check out the benefits of eating navratra foods:

  1. Millets galore! -By forgoing wheat, rice, lentils etc, and embracing ingredients like Singhare Ka Atta, Kuttu flour,  Sama, Sabudana etc, you give the much-needed rest to your digestive system. They are easy to digest and delicious wholesome recipes are available too. Stock up!
  2. Salt alternative– In Navratri, we replace table or processed salt with Sendha Namak (pure salt without chemicals. It aids digestion, boosts immunity, regulates BP and keeps the body more active.
  3. Meditation and prayers– These constitute significant parts of Navratri vrat. They help you in mellowing your senses, body, mind and soul. Along with fasting, you can exercise self-restraint( control over the senses) and increase your awareness level. Meditations are deep and powerful. 
  4. Fruits- During these nine days, people opt for a variety of fruits and foods that are nutritious. The antioxidants present in these foods help in the removal of harmful free radicals from the body.
  5. Natural detox- it is a double benefit of connecting with the divine inner self and also to detox & strengthen your body from within.

A sattvic way of eating and Fasting during Navratri makes that inner journey blissful and easier to make. 

Note: While fasting, make sure that you consume adequate amounts of fresh fruits, water and other sattvic food to keep yourself energized. Also, fast only if your health allows you to. 

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