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Why We Should Wake Up Before Sunrise

To wake up before sunrise might sound insignificant to most people. You find them saying, ”Oh, I am not a morning person” and all of that. But do you know that it is a glorified practice in practically all religions, cultures, and faiths? Why is it so important to get up early in the morning? 

It is because the time period of one and a half hours before sunrise holds powerful mysteries, especially the time between 4:00 AM and 5:30 AM. This period is also known as Brahma Muhurta (or Amrit Wela). Brahma is the creator and Muhurta means time. Hence the Brahma Muhurata is the creator’s time.

Why wake up before sunrise?

The potential of creation is at its peak during this time period of Brahma Muhurat. You can create all that you want in this period very easily. If you want new knowledge, you can create it. If you want new skills, you can learn it. If you want to build health, to develop yourself, to achieve something or find some solutions, you will get it at this time. 

Secret to wake up before sunrise - a glorified practice in most religions & cultures. What is so mysterious about the time around 5 AM

The whole universe acts like a womb early in the morning.

It is filled with mysterious cosmic energy. It is mentioned in Vedas too. All of this abundant energy can seep through your body very smoothly if you are awake. Why? Because your Sahasrara Chakra or the Crown Chakra( located at the centre of the top of your head) is naturally wide open in the morning and is a gateway for cosmic flow. 


Hence your subconscious mind becomes easily accessible at this time. So, what more could anyone require?

What to do when you wake up? 

Your subconscious is wide open and receptive, and the environment is full of divine energy to help you. I’m going to give you a few techniques with which you can tune yourself at this time and reap maximum benefit for growth.

First technique – Shudhi Kriya

It has two parts- Jal Neti and Kapal Bhati.

Jala Neti:-

Take warm water with a little salt in it. Put a little water in your palm and sniff the water from one nostril to take it out from your mouth as well as from the nose. Repeat it on the other side. 

Once this is done, proceed to the next step.

Kapal Bhati:- 

It is the technique of breathing out forcefully while letting the inhalations be passive  Forceful, rhythmic and fast exhalations.

Do this for 30 rounds and this becomes a beautiful shuddhi kriya or cleansing mechanism for your sinuses and your internal nostrils. 

TIP: Light a Diya 🪔 or an oil lamp before doing the kriyas. 

These shuddhi kriyas open up your energy channels and remove all the blockages that hinder physical, emotional and spiritual growth.  

Second technique: Alternative Breathing 

This is a yoga technique, also known as Anulom Vilom pranayama where you have to sit erect with the head straight comfortably or in Sukhasana position.

How to do alternative breathing?

Inhale from the left nostril, hold your breath for some time and exhale from the right nostril. Now inhale from the right nostril and exhale from the left one.

The 3-5 limbs of Ashtang Yoga are Asana- union of body & mind,Pranayama-expand the consciousness & Pratyahara-control over senses
Alternative Breathing

This is one full circle. 

Go on doing this at least for 5 rounds or 10 rounds (according to your time). 


Third technique – Chanting Om

Feeling light this time you feel Sit straight in a meditative pose, back straight, mind full of good bhavas( intention) of surrender to the higher reality, to the higher consciousness. Om is nothing else but the name of God or Pranava. The technique goes like this: 

Breathe in fully, hold your breath and then use the sound Om.

Repeat this at least 11 times. 

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Om chanting is beneficial when you wake up before sunrise

Om chanting has a lot of other benefits. Also read Healing Depression & Anxiety with Yogic Techniques

Maximum Benefit to wake up before sunrise

All 3 of the above techniques that you would be doing in the morning, would take a maximum of half an hour. After that, you start your work because at this Brahma Muhurta time, whatever work you do will yield maximum results.

If you are a student, study at this time, if you are a businessman, make your business plans, renew your business, analyze it. Do all the things that matter, at this time. You will really get creative ideas. If you want to develop skills such as singing, painting or writing, practice at this time. 

Secret of waking up before sunrise 

You can manifest and achieve whatever you want if you work in the Brahma Muhurta. So make full use of this golden, divine, and

mysterious period at 5 am. Wake up! 

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